Practice Music

2012/2013 Practice Music:

Practice music for the 2012-2013 season is now available for download. There are two sets of music for each voice part – one containing new music, one containing music that we have sung in the past. If you do not know how to download, don’t worry – there will be CDs available for purchase at rehearsal.

Here are download instructions:

1) go to this link:

If all goes well you will see 8 folders:
Makhela 12-13 new alto
Makhela 12-13 old alto
Makhela 12-13 new bass
Makhela 12-13 old bass
Makhela 12-13 new soprano
Makhela 12-13 old soprano
Makhela 12-13 new tenor
Makhela 12-13 old tenor
The ‘new’ folders contain practice music that is new to Mak’hela this year. The ‘old’ folders contain practice music that has been available in the past, some recent, some as far back as 2003.

2) Click on the folder that you want to download. This will result in a display of the tracks inside that folder.

3) Click on the ‘Download’ button in the upper-right corner, then select ‘download as zip’. This will download a zip file to your default download location.

4) Some computers will automatically expand the zip file into a folder containing the tracks. Other computers will require that you double-click on the zip file to expand it.

5) Drag the tracks into iTunes or your favorite mp3 software. Once the tracks are in iTunes (or whatever) you can listen to them or burn them to a CD.

Remember…if this doesn’t work for you, you can just buy the CDs at rehearsal.

The Golden Door:

Listen to the UMass Chamber Choir perform The Golden Door:

click here to download a zip file with all seven movements


Fall 2011:

Practice music for Fall 2011 is available, here are the links:

alto zip: <>
bass zip: <>
soprano zip: <>
tenor zip: <>

Psalm 150, Lewandowski (zip file of all parts) <>

You can also download the track lists here:

alto track list: <>
bass track list: <>
soprano track list: <>
tenor track list: <>

If you don’t understand zip files and mp3 files, ask Jim to burn you a CD.


Spring 2011:

Practice music for Spring 2011 is available here. There is a separate zip file for each part. Each zip file contains the tracks for the part plus a playlist of the tracks. The file names are:

  • Alto:
  • Soprano:
  • Tenor:
  • Bass:
Fall 2010:

Practice music is available here. Download and read the ‘info.txt’ file for details on the available tracks.


Summer 2010:

Practice music is available for Alto and Soprano parts for Or, Go Down Moses, and Rav Chovel. Click here to download a zip file that will expand into a folder containing the tracks.


February 2010:

Practice music is available for En Gedi, Khalutsim Lieder, and Take Me Under Your Wing.

go to, click on ‘Mak’hela’ and then ‘2010_february’ and download the tracks that you need.

Please note that there are two Khalutsim Lieder tracks for each part, labeled 3-12 and 13-25.


January 2010: Psalm 150

If the above download does not work for you, try this:

go to, click on ‘2010_january’ and download the tracks that you need.


Additional Tracks: November 2009

If the above download does not work for you, try this:

  1. go to
  2. click on ‘2009_november’
  3. download the tracks that you need.


Halleluyah Halleli Nafshi

Click here for a performance of Halleluyah Halleli Nafshi by the Zamir chorus. If you’d like to hear more music by Zamir, please visit or itunes.


Mir Zaynen Do Tsu Zingen

Click here to listen to or download an mp3 of Mir Zaynen Do Tsu Zingen.

2009-2010 tracks
These zip files contain practice tracks fpr our 2009-2010 season. If you download the music here and do NOT also need a CD, please send me an email and let me know.

If you can NOT download, don’t worry – I will have CDs for sale ($1) at rehearsal.

The tracks are named. You should be able to download the zip files and load the mp3 tracks into your favorite mp3 player. Each zip file also contains a pdf document of the playlist.

Alto Practice Music for 2009-2010
Soprano Practice Music for 2009-2010
Tenor and Bass Practice Music for 2009-2010